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October 3, 2015


If you have been in West Michigan the past week odds are you haven’t heard the word ART all week, NOT! Grand Rapids is about to enter its final week of Art Prize and Grand Haven is hosting Art Walk this weekend, to name a few events.

DSCN4683I will admit I pretty much know next to nothing about art, but I also do not know how to play a musical instrument and I still dance. Its a bit chilly outside however both events have plenty of Art inside to view. You really owe it to yourself to take a stroll at either or better yet both events. The walks will do you good, the fresh air the sights of both cities are great and the Art is pretty amazing to look at. The part I really enjoy when taking my kids is talking to the artists.

When visiting Art Prize, I actually recommend visiting multiple times. If just keep walking the day will become consume with sore feet, running past great art and not enjoying the art, the people or the city. Explore downtown GRAM, Ford Museum, the VanAndel Museum, Calder Plaza, The BOB, Amway Grand and DeVos place. But also take time to get off site to the Site Labs, Meijer Gardens and down Division Street.

Art Walk is a bit different with in store front windows, in the stores, on the sidewalks, the Loutit Library, etc. Take your time, shop, enjoy the art get in the museums get lunch, coffee and dinner. Art Walk you will get feel for many local artists and see some past Art Prize pieces out on the street.

Heres is a few pics I took on my Art Adventures this week. This is a small sample of what we saw.

Art Prize:

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Art Walk:

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