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14.4. Donald Kinsey

January 16, 2014

Wether you like or love the Blues or Reggae odds are you know who Donald Kinsey is. Here in West Michigan we are not known for our Blues Clubs or Rock Bars where you get a surprise visit from legendary performers and most West Michiganders won’t travel to one our great clubs to see a performance. Now here is the real treat to seeing Donald Kinsey he is not coming to a local club, but Grand Haven’s Loutit District Library. Kinsey spoke last year to a pack crowd at the library he said he would come back to play some music, and he is February 9, 2014. No cover, not a late nights, not hassled by a waitress, etc. Just Kinsey!!

Growing up in Chicago going to the Clubs on N Halsted St like Kingston Mines or being at Buddy Guys after a SRV, Clapton, ZZ Top, etc. you never knew who you were going to see “Pop In”. Thats how I found Kinsey Report and later got to see Big Daddy Kinsey with his sons on tour. Blues and reggae guitar legend Donald Kinsey has enthralled audiences and inspired fans with his electrifying guitar work for more than five decades. As guitarist for blues great Albert King and with world-inspiring performances as guitarist for reggae sensations Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, Donald’s contribution to the genres of blues and reggae leaves a positive imprint in the annals of music history. Attendees of the show will experience up-close and personal Donald’s mesmerizing vocals and guitar playing, positive energy, and immerse in the sonic influences that shaped Donald’s guitar style including blues, gospel, reggae, and rock. A celebration for all fans of music.

If you even just like the Blues or Reggae a little bit, you will love this show!!!

For more information visit:
Location: Grand Haven, MI, Loutit District Library
Location: Upper Level Lobby

Date: 2/9/2014
Time: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

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