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13.17. Muskegon Winter Sports Complex

January 22, 2013

13.18. Luge

13.19. Skate

13.20. XC Ski

13.21. Snowshoe

13.22. Sled

Not many places in the country where you can do all these activities in one place. At the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex you can do all this, rent equipment, take lessons, etc. at pretty reasonable rates. If you just want to sit back, relax and take in the scenery of a wintery lakeshore the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex is just as great for that too. It is part of the state park system so you will need to pay for parking or have have the recreational passport on your license plate required by MDNR.

Muskegon Winter Sports Complex does also have many events throughout the winter. For more information on the events, rates, schedules, and winter conditions check out their website:

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