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12.194. Grand Haven Shipwreck

December 15, 2012


With the extremely low water levels in Lake Michigan & the Grand River and no snow on the ground the shipwreck of the 1887 Aurora is exposed just east of the public boat launch on Harbor island in Grand Haven. When I read about the boat in the Muskegon Chronicle I expected to get the best view I would need to be in a boat, but that is not the case. Just a short walk along the shore line and you are in the boat, in fact there is a tree growing out of the front half of the boat. I would say about 40% of the outline of the boat is expose and the remaining outline of the hull has been tagged. I also expected to be the only person looking for the boat on this cold rainy morning but to my surprise there must have been 50 people in and out during my short visit.

For more information I suggest the Muskegon Chronicle articles on MLive:

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