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12.149. Crane Wives

September 25, 2012

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I know this thing is a day late and a dollar short. However, I caught the Crane Wives again yesterday at Rosa Park Circle for the noon concert at Art Prize 2012. They really do put on a good show and I think their music is very enjoyable to listen to. My little 1.5 year old daughter clapped, danced, and swayed to the music along with the rest of the crowd. I am not music critic, I just know what I like and I think the rest of the crowd enjoyed it as well. Thank you Crane Wives!!

For more info on the band, hear some of their music or find their next gig visit:

P.S. They will be in Traverse City on Friday and Fremont on Saturday.

if you get a chance check out all the non time concerts at ART Prize, I have not been disappointed yet. This was concert #3 for me and with the weather getting nicer this week I may get a few more in.

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