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12.148. Art Prize 2012

September 21, 2012

Art Prize 2012 has kicked off this week. Its larger and has many changes than in years past from voting to smart phone app to daily live concerts at Rosa Park Circles to performance art pieces throughout the city. After only touring a small percentage of the Art Prize venues there is truly something there for every art or no art enthusiast. My recommendation is download the Art Prize App to vote and plan your route for the pieces you want to see. You can preview the pieces at the Art Prize website. If its a nice day walk along the river and see the art at the Ford Museum, Van Andel Museum, have lunch at the Rosa Park Circle and watch the concert. If its raining The GRAM, Amway Grand, DeVos Place, High Five site, etc. all have plenty to see indoors.

I will not even attempt to review the art, the voting, the prizes, maps, etc. because the Art Prize web site does an amazing job, so visit

Heres is just a peak of some of the art:

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