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12.126. Harbour Towne Beach

July 7, 2012

Its hot outside so you decide to go to the beach. However, when you get to the beach you find the wind has picked up pretty hard so siting on the beach is like siting in front of a sandblaster. What to do? If you are in Muskegon follow the road past the beach along the channel to the Harbour Towne Beach. The Beach is on the south side of the channel on Muskegon Lake. The dunes on the north side of the channel at Muskegon State Park and the dunes at Harbour Towne block the wind so you still get a very nice day at the beach.

The Beach is not very big but not many people go here so don’t worry about finding a space. The parking lot is large and only maybe a 150 foot walk from street to the waterfront. The water is shallow and is clearly marked where it gets deep fast, so you can feel a bit safer with the kids in the water. Also because this beach is close to the channel the boat traffic is usually fun for the big and little kids to watch. Watching the Lake Express Ferry is always a treat.

I am not much of a fisherman but I am told when the season is right, this area is also good for Walleye and Salmon fishing.

For more information on the beach and a map visit:

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