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12.94. Waterfront Film Festival

June 11, 2012

How do you make a cozy, artistic, entertaining, beautiful, boating, great beach town better? Add some movies, musical entertainment, culinary demonstrations, movies under the stars, and maybe a celebrity or two in town.. oh wait its Saugatuck’s Waterfront Film Festival. The Festival in its 14th year becoming bigger and better each year, the Screen Actors Guild says its one of the top 5 film festivals.

Besides the film festival Saugatuck is an awesome little town to spend the day or the weekend. This really makes hanging out between films or after a film just a great place for this festival. There are way too many details to this event for me to even share a summary of events, so visit: Be sure to visit their Facebook page as well they have some good contests going on:

Dates: June 14-17th, 2012

Location: Saugatuck, MI


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