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12.6. Winter Pronto Pups

January 11, 2012

With this winter I am sure we are not missing summer as bad as we normally do. Heck I BBQ in yesterday it was near 50 degrees here on the lakeshore. I do have the craving to go for a walk along the boardwalk in Grand Haven and get a snack at one of the many snack shops. If you are like me Pronto Pups is doing their winter opening the Jan 20-22 weekend. Yummy!!!

Not sure what a Pronto Pup is, well Pronto Pups are a tastey treat (sometimes dinner) that have been enjoyed by people the world over for 61 years. They start with a top of the line frankfurter, dip it in a “Special batter”, cook them in 100% vegtable oil and serve them “Naked” or with Ketchup or Mustard.

They are located right next to Snug Harbor over looking the Grand River in Grand Haven.

For more info visit:

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