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12.4. Eureka!!

January 4, 2012

Eureka! Math Live on Stage!! Thats right I said it Math. Chamber Theater Production, Inc. is a educational performance group touring the country with several themes and their math production Eureka is coming to Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids in April this year. Eureka is a performance about a 7th grader named Sara who is struggling with math and the night before her exam she is visited by Albert Blaise, Lady Ada Lovelace, and Pythagoras. Taking the text book out of math for kids and help them see it ways they have probably never looked at math before. People think because I am degreed engineered that I never struggled with math and must be a whizz. Thats was not the case for me, my high school electronics teacher Mr. Rawls showed me a different way of view things. Without Mr. Rawls I doubt I may have never gotten my engineering degree, so I see how a performance like this could most definitely light a spark in your child struggling with math.

The Boston Globe give this production roaring review:

Eureka will be in Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo on April 24, 2010 location TBD. For tickets, more information, and teachers to sigh up visit:

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