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240. Art Prize

September 7, 2011

I have to admit when I first heard of Art Prize, I thought what a crazy idea and why would anybody come to Grand Rapids to some random amateur art piece. Looking back to when I first heard of Art Prize I clearly did not get it and have been more than greatly surprised to what it was and how its growing every year. I am now a huge fan of Art Prize and think it is true premiere Grand Rapids event that is worthy of the national and international attention it is has received. I have had friends from Europe, New York, and LA ask me about it.

So what is Art Prize? The nickel answer to that question it is a competition of artists for a grand prize of $250,000 (total of $474,000 for the top ten entries), artists can submit one entry, any property in Grand Rapids can be a venue, venues choose the artist the exhibit, anyone attending can vote, and the winner is determined by public vote. For a more detail explanation I suggest you visit

The greatest part of Art Prize is a few things and in no particular order:

  • The entire city of Grand Rapids into a art gallery.
  • Great reason to walk the city and see what the city has to offer.
  • The art can really highlight a an already existing feature of the city. ie Nessy in the river which can now be viewed at John Ball Zoo Pond or some of the murals painted on the city walls.
  • That even a knuckle heads like myself can enjoy great art.
Art prize 2011 runs September 21- October 9, from 6PM-10PM on opening day, then for the rest of the days Monday-Thursday Noon-8PM, Friday & Saturday Noon-10PM, Sunday Noon-6PM.
Downtown Grand Rapids, Boundaries are:
North – Leonard Street
South – Wealthy Street
East – College Avenue
West – Straight/Alpine Avenue
Art Prize has a lot of information to share, to learn more visit:


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