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227. GVAL Pow Wow

August 29, 2011

Grand Valley American Indian Lodge 50th Anniversary Pow Wow  is a Family friendly, free event.  If you have never been to a Pow Wow you should go, they are fun, educational, and a great way to get out and meet some fantastic people. Comstock Riverside Park is reason enough to get out enjoy the outdoors, disc golf, picnic, or just go for a walk along the great paved paved along the river. The Park has significant American Indian history making it a fitting location for a PowWow, so get out enjoy the park and enjoy the PowWow.

Traders open both days at 10am Sat.

When: Sept. 10- 11. 2011

Location: Comstock Riverside Park in Grand Rapids MI.

Time: 1pm and 6:30ish pm Auction at 9pm. Sunday Grand Entry is at noon.
Please leave your dogs at home (they are not allowed in the pow wow area).

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