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223. Grand Rapids Paranormal Investigations

August 17, 2011

Its late at night you are surfing the cable channels and you stop on the channel thats in Black & White and the character on TV are standing in a dark room saying “Shhhhh, did you hear that? Was that you? It wasn’t me? Is there anybody here with us?” The the next thing you know you are yelling into the dark kitchen “Is someone there? If so please bring me a beer.” Ok, Ok…  I get sucked into all the paranormal shows like Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, Travel Channels Ghost Adventures, etc. I find the shows very entertaining and always thought I would love to go on a ghost hunt, but I am not buying all the equipment, I am not going alone, I am not going to sit and listen to hours of static, but I alway think it would be a hoot.

Well if you are like me look not further because Cityscape Adventures presents Paranormal Investigations Grand Rapids Most haunted FULL MOON & LOCK IN series adventures. Its an opportunity for local paranormal teams, as well as the arm chair paranormal investigator to do investigations with Michigan Paranormal Alliance.  They provide all the equipment, but welcome you to bring your own if you prefer. They tell you right on their website this tour is not for the faint of heart or chickens. They examine the Masonic Temple and the Temple of Shadows whcih is a 87,000 sq foot building shrouded with mystery.

They do several tours through out the year and the do fill up fast or get your own group together to book a private tour.

Visit their website for more information, video tours and to get a little scared at!__haunted-adventures


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