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219. Fatty Lumpkins Sandwich Shop

August 12, 2011

A fan of 365 TTDIWM suggested I add Fatty Lumpkins. I read Fatty Lumpkins, hmmmmm I have heard of this but where? So I Googled them and my memory became clear that it was this little building by Watermark Condos in Muskegon. I have showed houses in the area and always assumed the business was out of business cause I had never seen it open. However under further investigations I found they are alive and well open from 11am to 3pm, Monday thru Saturday.

What is a Fatty Lumpkin? I am not sure but I will tell you what I do know. I got to FL at the height of the lunch hour, I had to wait outside for a few minutes cause the line was long and all the tables were full. The line of people waiting for their orders was about five deep. The selection of sandwiches and salads all sounded good and everyone of them that got sent out of the kitchen looked great. I went with the large Fatty that I ended up giving away half of to a coworker because it was so large, but hands down that was the best sandwich I have had in a super long time. They use Boar’s Heads Meats, they have great looking pasta, potato salad, and cole slaw in the counter as well. The bread was very yummy and I will have to follow up who their baker is, it was just that good.

Again what is a Fatty Lumpkins? I don’t know and I was afraid to ask while they were all busy working. Maybe they will tell us in the upcoming Muskegon Chronicle Article, they were there taking pictures and interviewing workers while I was waiting. While I was waiting for my order I think everyone of the workers said hello, very friendly and I believe I even talk to the owners father for a bit. I did notice a lot of the lunch crowd knew each other from the area, knew the employees, etc. Just a very friendly atmosphere. From my initial impression, if somebody asks me what a Fatty Lumpkin is I would have to say “Small deli/sub shop in Muskegon with a big heart and great food!” If you cant tell I really like the restaurant. This is the type of business Muskegon neighborhoods need more of. A perfect place to stop for lunch in the Muskegon Area!!!!

For more information visit their Facebook Page:

Located at:

971 Washington Ave, Muskegon, MI 49441

231-760-4382 & 231-760-4392

Hours: Mon-Sat : 11 am-3 pm

Cash and Credit Cards

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