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212. Silver Lake Sand Dunes

August 5, 2011

The Silver Lake Sands are very much a beautiful and intriguing area that is amazing to look at and a very tough hike up and down the dunes. The dunes are active moving dunes that has protected areas from vehicles and pedestrians to keep houses and roads safe. Entering Silver Lake from the dun side is amazing run into the lake cause the shore line continues at the same angle as the dune, so the water will be very deep only a few feet from the shore. It makes it a perfect place for boaters to tie along the shoreline.

Silver Lake Sand Dunes is known more as an amazing place to visit with your Off Road Vehicle (ORV) because no other sand dunes in Michigan will let the public test their vehicles out and climb the dunes. Don’t think just because you have a 4 wheel drive vehicle doesn’t mean you are ready to take on the dunes. I have seen brand new SUV’s not make it some of the dunes and I have seen a SUV with the showroom sticker on the window upside down being dragged down the dune by a tow truck. For ORV enthusiasts this is a dream place to visit with challenging dunes, races, and the beach. You do need to prepared to take on the dunes. The DNR has very specific vehicle regulations and requirements to drive on the dunes. Some of the stores sell “ORV” kits with flags, straps, air gages, etc. its best to have your vehicle ready prior to getting to dunes. For more information visit the DNR website,1607,7-153-10365_15070-34760–,00.html

As a side note to being ready prior to getting the dunes, be sure to bring your tools and tow straps with you! The dunes are hard on the vehicles, walking out of ORV for help is not advised and tows are expensive. People are generally very friendly and most will help pull you out so bring your straps.

This is a Michigan State Park so their is park fee for admission as well a fee for ORV permit/entrance to the ORV area. Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays can be extremely busy with long waits to get on the dunes. The DNR has back up/wait lines but they also now have a voucher system in place to enter the parking lots or drive directly onto the dunes.


Information: 231-873-3083
Campground Reservations: 1-800-44PARKS

Great source of local information and up to date information on the dunes visit:

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