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208. The Fire Barn Museum

August 1, 2011

The Fire Barn Museum is one of the Lakeshore Museum Center sites that are throughout the city. In 1976, the Muskegon Heritage Society and the City of Muskegon joined forces to build a re-creation of the C. H. Hackley Hose Company No. 2 building as a bicentennial project, featuring a collection of antique fire fighting apparatus. For some reasons kids are always amazed with fire trucks and the kids seemed to be amazed with this museum as well. If you want do a little day outing in Muskegon walking around downtown this is a short walk from the Lakeshore Museum Center, Hackley Park, and Hackley Public Library.

Like most cities in the 19th century, fire was a constant fear and problem for Muskegon. After devastating fires in 1871 and 1874, the City of Muskegon constructed a firehouse on the northwest corner of Seventh Street and Webster Avenue. The original C. H. Hackley Hose Company No. 2 was formed in December 1875. Charles H. Hackley sponsored the twelve firemen in what was his first philanthropic gift to the City of Muskegon. Using hand drawn, then horse drawn hose carts, the company could quickly respond to a fire in the neighborhood. As the city grew and fire fighting equipment became more sophisticated, operations were transferred to other parts of town. The C. H. Hackley Hose Company No. 2 was closed by the City Council in June 1892. The Fire Barn Museum serves as a living memorial to the brave men and women who have served as Muskegon County firefighters.

The Lakeshore Museum Center and the Muskegon City Fire Department offer special programs for City of Muskegon elementary students during Fire Safety Week in early October.

The Fire Barn is located at 510 W. Clay Ave. Muskegon, MI 49440.

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