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206. Little Sable Point Lighthouse

July 29, 2011

If you ever traveled to Silver lake area and went to the beach on Lake Michigan, odds are you have seen the Little Sable Point Lighthouse. Most of us are use to seeing Lake Michigan lighthouses from the road or the entrance of a channel. But, the Little Sable Point Lighthouse is on the beach, if you look at a map you would understand. The land at the Little Sable Point stick way out into Lake Michigan and if the boats were running north from Muskegon they would run aground. Burrowed amidst the Silver Lake State Park sand dunes, stands the spectacular Little Sable Point Lighthouse.  The 1874 tower stands alone at the base of Lake Michigan, over a hundred feet tall and still harboring its original 3rd order Fresnel lens.

My first adventures to the area you had to climb over a steep sand dune to get the beach and the lighthouse and the lighthouse was closed, automated, and abandoned it was just pretty to look at. Today you can do much more, in 2005 the Sable Points Lighthouse Keepers Association (SPLKA) was created to restore and preserve Big and Little Sable Lighthouses and the Ludington North Breakwater Light, provide education to the public about the lights, and allow the public to have the opportunity to climb the towers. In 2010 the Federal Coastal Zone Management grant, the Pathways to Illumination project was completed.  This well-paved pathway leads through what once was a steep dune that inhibited many visitors from making it to the light.

Little Sable Lighthouse can be toured May 23-September 30, 2011; Monday through Sunday 10 AM to 5 PM. They request a $2.00 donation for adults and $1.00 donation for children (through age 11, 3 foot minimum height) to climb the lighthouses.

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