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195. Rycenga Park

July 18, 2011

Rycenga Park is kind of tucked away between Spring Lake Township and Fruitport Township along Hemlock Road (between US31 & I96), in fact its outside of Spring Lake Township but I doubt you care about that fact. This 80 acre park has baseball and softball diamonds, covered picnic areas, nature trails, 18-hole disc golf course, playgrounds, and soccer fields.  Rycenga Park also hosts a variety of events for children such as the Great Lakes Soccer League and high school Cross Country trail runs.

The part that most people tell they love about the park is it also is located on the 12-mile community bike path that goes around Spring Lake, making the park easily and safely accessible by pedestrians and bicyclist. If you are a training enthusiast that 12 mile path is perfect for half and full marathon training. Because the park is so wooded, has shelters, bathrooms, etc. its a great place to start an finish your training program. So pack a picnic basket and enjoy the park, I think you will be very surprised on how nice this park truly is. Only thing I need to caution you about the gates are locked at dusk!!

Call the Greater Spring Lake Recreation Commission at 616.846.5502 for reservations.

Location map for Rycenga Park – 16401 Hemlock

For more information visit:

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