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194. Sherman’s Ice Cream

July 17, 2011

Sherman’s Ice Cream is not only really, really, yummy but if you visit their shop it feels like you are stepping back in time a bit. I will go one step better than just yummy, its the best period. Shermans is not only just a ice cream shop but its also a factory where them make Sherman’s since 1913. It such a great treat after a day at the beach in South Haven or a stop on your way home from Chicago. I remember when I first learned of Sherman’s there was only a gas station at the exit then farm land. Now this fantastic ice cream paradise is nestled in and around Walmart, hotels, fast food joints, etc. and I can’t say this enough it still feels like a old time ice cream shoppe. Sherman’s is located on Phoenix road on the east side of I-196, you cant miss it on a hot day because it will be the place with the crowd in front of it.

Located at 1601 Phoenix Rd., South Haven, Michigan 49090 can be reached at 269.637.8251

For more information on the history, flavors, where to get their ice cream and their hours (opps, they are really only open in the summer) visit:


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