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191. Kite Surfing

July 12, 2011

Sometimes going to the beach on a hot day is great but sometimes when the wind is blowing your tan just might get sand blasted off. But its still hot and you want some activity or fun at the beach, why try kite surfing. I have not tried this but I know in my younger days I would have tried this because this looks like a ton of fun. Not only will the wind pull you around the water but when you jump a wave you just might go 20-30 feet in the air and travel 30+ feet. Muskegon beach is long and sandy perfect for kite sandy, paddle boards, skim boards, etc.

So how do you do this and wear do you get equipment? Mac Kite Boarding School and Wet Mitten Surfing are two local shops that help you with all your needs, links are below. Mac Kite has a location on Muskegon Beach.

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