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185. Muskegon State Park Beach

July 5, 2011

July 5 you are either working or have the day off, if you are in the Muskegon area Summer Celebration is not happening today. So the big question you may have is what to do on a nice summer day. From the title you know I am going to suggest the beach but not just any beach but Muskegon’s State Park Beach. Odds are you may have fought crowds all weekend long at the Art Fair, Summer Celebration, the Fireworks show, the concerts, Michigan adventure, etc. So it maybe be time to “Sharpen the Saw”, as Stephen Covey might say, to get one with nature, relax, have some quite family down time or maybe just slip away by yourself. Muskegon State Park is one of those places, the beach is usually the least crowded, nice trails, campground, and benches along the north side of the channel to simply watch the boats come in.

3560 Memorial Drive, North Muskegon, MI 49445


For more info visit:

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