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183. LST 393 Veterans Museum

July 3, 2011
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If you have ever driven Shoreline Drive around Muskegon you have seen the LST 393 docked at the Mart Street Dock of Muskegon Lake. Other than knowing its an old WWII boat you may have wondered what it is and what did it do. The LST is a Landing Ship Tank is an ocean going ship capable of shore to shore delivery of tanks, amphibious assault vehicles, and troops. I think its a bit humorous the irreverent crew members called it a “Large Stationary Target”. Earning three battle stars in World War II in the invasions of Sicily, Italy and in Normandy, LST 393 was then outfitted and painted in camouflage scheme for the intended invasion of Japan. She proudly wears that scheme today and is being faithfully restored to her wartime greatness.

The LST 393 Veterans Museum has many events throughout the year like Friday Night movies on the deck, tours, parties, etc.  The have self guided tours as well guided tours, if you call in advanced. The LST is open from May to October, seven days a week,  10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Adults $6, Students $4, & Under 5 FREE. This is a great local attraction to learn the history of our great nation and to see the museum that honors our veterans.

For more information visit: Their website has a ton of information on the history, tours, pictures, etc.

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