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178. Shaggy Pines Dog Park

June 30, 2011

Friends with dogs in the Grand Rapids area tell me they are always looking for a place to let their dog run that is not far away. Nadine Kavanagh of in Barks and Recreation that Grand Rapids Shaggy Pines Dog Park is in one of the top parks in the country. She writes:

Your dog loves you. He is, as they say, your best friend. But every now and then, he needs to spend a little time with other dogs. When that happens, it’s dog park time.That’s where Fido gets to run around without that darn leash thing holding him back, and you get to sit back and relax (so long as you, you know, pick up after your four-legged friend).

Not all dog parks are created equal. Here are some of the nation’s best.

Bailey Tral is a popular tktk // Bailey Tral is a popular tktk(Courtesy Shaggy Pines Dog Park)

Bailey Trail is a popular Shaggy Pines Dog Park spot where dogs can meander. The park, a short distance from Grand Rapids, offers a range of options for all canine creatures great and small.

Shaggy Pines Dog Park
Grand Rapids, Mich.

Cruise just three miles away from car-centric 28th Street in Grand Rapids, and you’ll find another world, this one populated by tall pines and wagging tails. The 20-acre Shaggy Pines Dog Park offers everything a dog and his human could want.

The rough-and-tumble dog will appreciate Doggy Mountain, where he can climb and dig all day–followed by a cooling dip in the swimming pond. Owners who don’t love that wet-dog smell can avail themselves of the self-serve dog wash tubs and drying areas. Don’t want to deal with muddy paws? Steer your pup into one of two ‘dry’ dog areas. The small dog (weighing under 30 pounds) has his own dominion as well.

People can get some exercise, too, on the mile-long trail (lighted and plowed for evening and winter use). Or just recline on a lounge chair on Sunset Deck, overlooking the pond.

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