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159. Captain Jack’s Bar and Grill

June 10, 2011

Captain Jack or CJ’s as the locals call it is located on the Pere Marquette Beach in Muskegon. When I say its on the beach its literally on the beach. The fact it is located on the beach is a rarity on Lake Michigan in West Michigan. There a lot of bar and grills near the lake but very few are on the beach. Here at CJ’s you can walk to the light house, go swimming, play volleyball at one of maybe a dozen or so courts, enjoy the sunset, surf the cove or enjoy a the bonfire and all just steps away from you favorite beverage and some good eats. If you don’t want the sand between your toes the parking lot, sidewalk, and the deck are accessible without touching the sand.

CJ’s is also on the Muskegon Trolley route so its a great spot to stop for lunch while you are visiting all the other are attractions. So do the Muskegon Art Walk, see a movie at Harbor Theatre, visit the museums, and jump off the trolley for a beverage.

For more information visit:

Captain Jacks: 1601 Beach St, Muskegon, MI 49441

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