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158. Mac Wood’s Dune Ride

June 9, 2011

Want to go off roading and explore Michigan sand dunes up at Silver Lake but lack the vehicle or the courage? I always lacked the courage I was afraid I would roll my SUV and figured my insurance wouldn’t pay. But that doesn’t mean you have to walk the dunes in the heat. Since 1930, Mac Wood’s has provided you with a safe, fun-filled 7 mile dune ride that lasts about 40 minutes. They have a private area where only Mac Wood is able to go. You are hosted by knowledgeable drivers who understand the history and environment of the constantly changing sand mountains. A Mac Wood’s Dune Ride is a thrilling experience! To climb to the summit and see spread in all directions such a vast panorama is breathtaking! Glide down the sweeps into the valleys, drive past sparkling Silver Lake, and visit Lake Michigan’s lovely beach!

I have take friends visiting from Japan, Mexico, and Germany and they are al just amaze at the size, the view, the sand, and the lake. They all have said its been one of the best highlights of their Michigan trip. Even if you are from the area it great to visit something so close to home.

For more information visit:

Mac Wood’s Dune Rides
629 N. 18th Ave.
Mears, MI 49436
Phone: (231)873-2817


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