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155. Grand Haven Boat Rentals

June 5, 2011

Do you love the water and want to do some boating but don’t own a boat nor do you have friends with boats in Grand Haven but you want to enjoy the Grand Haven/Spring Lake area for the day. Grand Haven Boat rentals might be for you. They have pontoon boats to ski boats for you to explore the Grand River, Spring Lake, and Grand Haven areas. They are large enough to being a few friends along and split the cost with. Whats better than boating around, skiing, dropping anchor to swim or tan, etc.

This is an activity that odds are will require some planning and for you to put in some reservations. So give them a shout or check out for more information.

Phone Toll Free

Email Address

Boat Located at
Barrett Boat Works
821 W. Savidge St
Spring Lake, MI  49456

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