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141. Croton Damn Float Trip

May 25, 2011

With the weather about to get warmer (87 Predicted) this Memorial Day Weekend you might want an activity to cool you down a bit. How about floating down the Muskegon River in a canoe, kayak or a tube relaxing and floating the day away or maybe bass fishing is your thing. Croton Damn Float Trips, Inc can help you out with any of these pleasures.

Camping and canoeing down the river in Michigan means summer to me. So close, so peaceful, & so much fun means so much summer to me you just can’t go wrong. There are plenty of campgrounds in the area if you want to make a weekend out of it or just a day trip, regardless of you trip length this something you need to do.

For more information on rates, trips, camping, what to bring Croton Damn Float trip will explain it a lot better than me so check out their website and enjoy a day on the river…

Also one found that Field and Stream rank Muskegon River in the Top 20 for Fishing!

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