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130. Frosty Oasis

May 11, 2011

Frosty Oasis

Ice Cream, Yummy!!! Very excited the Frosty Oasis is open now for the summer. The FO is located on Sherman Blvd in Muskegon on the way to the beach. They have local favorite dairy ice cream like Hudsonville and Ashleys ice cream, the frozen yogurt, dogs, burgers etc., so its a great place to stop for lunch as well. Its got a good number of picnic tables and play ground equipment for the kids.

Here is the really cool part about Frosty Oasis that I like. They have a drive thru so if you want to grab a cone head to the lake to watch the sunset make this really easy. But wait, theres more! Wed are $1.50 waffle cones!!! Stumble upon this little know treat this afternoon and I think the family and I are heading out for round two in a minute.

181 West Sherman Boulevard
Norton Shores, MI 49441-3434
(231) 755-2903

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