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116. Clay Avenue Cellars

April 26, 2011

Clay Avenue Cellar wines are made with Michigan fruit and I must say it is pretty yummy!! There wines are available throughout the Muskegon area. The their small 75 ton shop is a really cool place to stop and do some shopping, the grounds, the building, the gardens, and the wines are very unique.

History from their website:

Clay Avenue Station is a rescued historic building in the City of Muskegon, Michigan. Formerly known as the Freres Gas Station, it was built in 1928 and was situated on the corner of Laketon and Henry Avenues. The roads were gravel when the station was constructed. The building itself was slated for demolition to make way for new commercial development. It was rescued and moved to its new location in the fall of 2004 in historic downtown Muskegon.

The building was constructed of interlocking clay tiles and is finished with sandstone. The roof is covered in glazed tiles manufactured in Chicago. The building itself has a mere 320′ footprint, but because of sturdy construction methods, the building itself weighs 75 tons!

In conjunction with the cellar winery, the Station exhibits and sells artwork for over 30 local artists. Works include, watercolors, oil paintings, photographs, pottery, jewelry, sculpture, fused and stained glass works and more.

The Station grounds are beautifully landscaped with annual and perennial wildflowers. Stop by and check out our fresh fruit wines that have received rave reviews from our customers.

For more information visit:

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