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111. Surfing

April 21, 2011

Surfing at Muskegon Beach

Most people don’t think or even say surfing and Michigan in the same sentence unless you are a surfer you know surfing can be done in West Michigan. I am not talking surfing the net either real life surf board and water!! I have seen the surfers over the years at South Haven’s south beach, Grand Haven beach, and at Muskegon beach between the channel walls.

Whenever a big storm is rolling in I usually will take a ride by the lake to check out the storm and the waves. To my surprise I see the surfers at the oddest times like when its 40 degrees, raining, or even snowing. Its amazing to watch, from the car that is, what the surfers can do on Lake Michigan and the number of surfers in the water. Now I far from a even being a novice at being a surfer nor do I know when the best times to recommend people to head out to the beach. Grand Haven surfers do have a web page with weather conditions, locations, tips, etc. at so give them a look this might something you really enjoy.

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