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109. Bernie O’s Pizza

April 19, 2011

Well we were in North Muskegon today checking on a house when my daughter talk me into lunch at Bernie O’s and who am I to argue with 11 week old kid for some great pizza. She had such a great idea cause from 11am to 2 pm they have a salad and pizza buffet, which is a great way to sample some pretty original pizzas creations. The thing I really like about Bernie O’s in the sauce and dough is you just want a traditional pizza. They are nationally ranked third by Pizza Today Magazine.

For those of you don’t know, Bernie O’s is the home of the Twist pizza. Before I tell you whats on the twist the first time I read the ingredients I was like this sounds disgusting, not to mention I don’t even like half the ingredients on it. Well my friends this is a pretty good pizza and highly recommend it. So go to the buffet and try a slice. The Twist is honey mustard sauce, covered with cheese blend, breaded chicken chunks and bacon strips. Finished after baking with fresh pineapple, tomato, yellow & jalapeno pepper & homemade ranch dressing.

They are located at 321 Center @ Ruddiman in North Muskegon, they are basically open 10m-9pm and take all credit cards.

For more inforamtion on hours, menu, phone, etc. visit:

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