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107. Milwaukee Brewers

April 17, 2011

With the trails in West Michigan a person can bike from Grand Rapids to Holland to Grand haven to White Hall to all points in between and to a Milwaukee Brewers game. The bike trails in Muskegon lead right to the Lake Express a catamaran ferry between Milwaukee and Muskegon. You can take or leave your car or bike at the ferry and enjoy the 2.5 hour ride across Lake Michigan to Milwaukee. With gas at $4/gallon and road construction around the lake this becomes a very attractive travel method not to mention just plain old fun. With plenty of things to do and stay in Milwaukee this makes a quick over night trip or day trip with several runs across the lake each day possible.

I think its pretty amazing I can put my daughter in her stroller walk to the Lake-Express, take the boat to Milwaukee, and then a 20 minute cab ride to Miller Stadium to see my Chicago Cubs play the Milwaukee Brewers. Its like living in the Windy in the City but the El is a boat.

For the bikers there is the Hank Aaron State Trail in Milwaukee provides a continuous connection between Milwaukee’s Miller Park Stadium and the Lake Michigan lakefront for bicyclists, walkers, runners, and skaters.

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