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102. Hearthstone Bistro

April 12, 2011

Looking for some gourmet European inspired meals at a casual restaurant?  Then Hearthstone Bistro is your flavor on the lakeshore in Muskegon. The Bistro opened in 1975 and its been written about and won awards since then. The hall from the door to the hostess stand is lined with articles from the Chicago Sun Times to the Grand Rapids Press and awards through out the years including 2009 Best Overall Restaurant at the Taste of Muskegon. After eating here many many times I have to say this place is has amazing food and fantastic service. My great Aunt Lena use to say “Never go to a restaurant that is never busy cause either the food or service is terrible.” Well I can tell you by the number of cars in the lot and on the frontage road its always busy.

I am usually a creature of habit and always order the same thing when I go to a restaurant. My habit at the Hearthstone is soup and usually a special of the day. If you want a really different twist to your meal the open fire pit table is a great change of pace from booth or a table. I think the meal prices are very reasonable for a gourmet dinner so don’t just wait for your next special occasion to have dinner here, just go the next time you go out to dinner or lunch!!!

The Hearthston Bistro is located at 3350 Glade St in Muskegon which is parallel to Business Loop 31 & Norton across from Meijer.

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