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100. Lunch at the Beach

April 10, 2011

For my 100th thing to do today I am listing one of my absolute favorite places to stop and have lunch. There are a few spots along Lake Michigan you can drive by and see the lake but there are even fewer spots where you can park and be less than 20 feet from the water. Just south of the main Pere Marquette Park in Muskegon in front of and south of the Muskegon water treatment plant you can do just that. The other nice thing about this location is it only a 5 minute drive down Sherman and Henry if you want to grab a fast food lunch, eat and head back to work. Or if you have enough time, eat in car avoid the sand and then jump out of the car for a dip in the lake or work on your tan.

This area of the beach has a lot going on so you wont be bored just eating your lunch or working on your tan. This area gets a high number of walkers, the sail borders, jet skis, surfers, and the surf boards with the kites as well so this a great spot to people watch. I did take these photos today our first 80 degree day and you can already see the activity begin for a early April day. Also to the south you watch the dredging project pump sand and water out of the channel opening which is causing the beach to go additional 50′ out, its already a couple hundred feet wide.

View North of the south side of the Muskegon Channel

South View of the Beach where the channel dredging project pipe is extending the beach additional 50' out with all the sand it is depositing.






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