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97. The Corner Bar

April 7, 2011

In my recent hot dog discussions on 365TTDIWM has sparked debates with people I know on who has the best dogs in the area. I may to get to some to the rest of good dog establishments in the near future but I think it is a mistake for me not to mention The Corner Bar in Rockford. They have some really great dogs and food in general.

The really great thing about the Corner Bar is it is a BAR so you can get a beer and dog, and they do have a great selection of Michigan made brew. Their Nachos and Burritos are worth writing home about as well. My personal favorite is the Famous Chili Dog Basket. If you are really hungry, brave, and think you can put 12 dogs away in 4 hours you will be added to the list 5,000 others people who have made the Hall of Fame Platter.

The Corner Bar is located at  31 North Main • Rockford, MI 49341

Phone 616-866-9866

For more information visit them at:

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