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96. The Station Grill

April 6, 2011

Today I got the pleasure to show properties to two new Muskegon residents from Minnesota. When asking what type of food they would like for lunch, they asked if they could go to the Station. They had heard about it from a couple in Barns & Noble the day before and again from one of the property mangers. The Station did not disappoint, we had great service and great burgers.

If you are looking for fine dinning with china & stainless steel silverware you are at the wrong place. I think the Station Grill has some of the best burgers, burritos, and chili cheese fries in the area all served on fine Chinet with plastic forks in a filling station modeled after the 1940’s. If you are hungry they have half pound burgers and for the really hungry 3/4 pound burger options. The Texas fries are thin chip like fries that I think are great with chili and cheese.

The Station Grill is located on Broadway in Roosevelt Park, for more information visit:

Hours:    Monday – Saturday    11am – Midnight

910 W Broadway, Muskegon, MI 49441

Take-Out: 231.759.0633

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