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94. Bodies Revealed

April 4, 2011

A few years back I saw the Bodies Revealed at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. We went to the exhibit when it had just begun in Chicago and it was making the news for the controversy around it. I remember feeling a little on edge while we were waiting in line to enter the exhibit, I was not sure I wanted to go in because I would rather see the Nazi Sub or the Coal Mine. I did go and it was fascinating, amazing, educational, and a little bit creepy all at the same time. I enjoyed, I have recommended it to people in Grand Rapids and other cities it has visited. The exhibit runs through May 1st at the Grand Rapids Public Museum.

In this phenomenal exhibition about the amazing and complex machine we call the human body, more than a dozen full body human specimens and hundreds of organs are respectfully displayed to tell the story of the miraculous systems at work within each of us.  With a reverent, academic approach, this display allows people of all ages to more closely observe the skeletal, muscular, nervous, digestive, respiratory, reproductive and circulatory systems, and to absorb information normally reserved only for medical professionals.

They have a couple of audio systems you can rent as you walk through the exhibit to listen to a description of the display you are viewing, one for medical professionals and one that is not. My mother does not have a huge science or biology background so she rented the non professional audio tour and she really enjoyed it. The part of the tour may or may not be for you but it was nice to have when you had some questions on some of the display.

Grand Rapids Public Museum
272 Pearl Street NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49504

Monday 9-5
Tuesday 9-8
Wednesday-Saturday 9-5
Sunday 12-5

(Includes general admission)
Members: Adult $10, Senior (62+) $10, Child (3-17) $8 (Strollers are not allowed in the exhibition.)
Non-Members: Adult $15, Senior $14, Child $10 (Non-Members are given a timed entry ticket.)
Students with valid ID $10

Tickets can not be purchased same-day online or by phone; same day tickets must be purchased at the Museum front desk.

For more information and to purchase tickets visits:

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