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81. Yesterdog

March 22, 2011

Yesterdog! If you know the word, odds are you love the dog. You have stopped reading this blog and are in the car driving to get your dog because you know you can’t fight that feeling. For those of you don’t know you need to learn. And yes, Yesterdog was the inspiration for the restaurant Dog Years in the movie American Pie. But that aside this is the best dog in Grand Rapids as they put it “Good Ole Hot Dogs” at 1505 Wealthy.

I forget the year but I know it was mid 1990’s when WMU friends of mine from Grand Rapids showed us Non-GR people the town that required a late night/early morning feeding which landed us at Yesterdog. Before we entered Yesterdog our friend gave us instruction on how we need to line up, order, and tip. I remember somebody asked if this would like the “Soupnazi” restaurant. His answer still sticks in my head “If you want a dog before there are no customers in line you will!”

The rules to ordering per Yesterdog:

1. When entering Yesterdog PLEASE walk down to the end of the counter. Form 2 lines if needed.

2. We take HOT DOG orders FIRST. We start left and move right.

3. After dogs, we take drink orders, after drinks we take chip orders.

4. Once all dogs, drinks and chips are ordered, we will then begin to charge you for your order.

5. Once you are paid up you will then get your dogs on a tray or bag and seat yourself.

That is pretty much how I remember it and it works great.

The food is Dogs, Chips, and Pop. The Ultra Dog is my favorite, I have tried them all and I always go back to the Ultra. Once you find your favorite you will argue with your friends and family why your choice is the best. It doesn’t matter much cause they are all good.

Tipping is very special at Yesterdog. A funnel is attached high up on the wall behind the cashier over the sink. Throw your change into the funnel so it can fall into the container below. Amusement for all ages.

Once you become a fan you will want to get a shirt and will want to take it with you on your next trip.

For more information on Yesterdog visit:

Yesterdog, 1505 Wealthy Street Southeast Grand Rapids, MI 49506

(616) 336-0746

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