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80. Muskegon Indian Cemetery

March 21, 2011

I read about the Muskegon Indian Cemetery recently and saw this was located in downtown Muskegon. I was intrigued about the cemetery location because Muskegon’s Downtown is mostly vacant lots since they tore down the Mall and are in the process of revitalizing the area. So on my frequent trips to the post office I would casually look for it but could not find it. So this past weekend when I was driving around to put my daughter sleep I decided I am going to find this.

I remember it was on Terrace St. and it said it had great views of the lake. When I Google Mapped it put it behind the Harley-Davidson Dealership but that was not on Terrace St. So I followed Terrace down to the lake by GVSU, with no luck. I did remember from a photograph the cemetery had arches so I decided to just drive and search. As I was driving up Terrace towards the post office I saw a clump of trees off to the right across from the bus station on Morris. Sure enough there were the gates right on Morris St.

There it was the old Muskegon Indian Cemetery in downtown Muskegon. I bet I have drove past it at least 100 times but never noticed it. Its not a huge cemetery, its not a tourist destination, it does have good views of the lake, and it does have history. The Marker at the site has the site history and it does have some interesting indian structures. It is the oldest known Indian Cemetery in the area dating back to the early 1800′s. The Cemetery was built by the Ottawa Indians and was used by both Indians and Settlers.

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