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73. Meyer May House

March 14, 2011

Once upon a time before I became engineer I thought I wanted to be architect and living in Chicago one name always came up, Wright! Frank Lloyd Wright designs are amazing and if you have ever been in one you will notice the detail and quickly realize they don’t make them like that anymore. Wright did more than just design great buildings he really know how to use the environment and appreciate with in the design, he was Green way before it was a term. West Michigan is lucky to have a few of Wright’s homes. In Grand Rapids we have the Meyer May house.



The Restoration After Steelcase acquired the Meyer May house in 1985, extensive research was done to determine the original design. Bit by bit, the evidence accumulated until Wright’s 1909 vision was revealed. The restoration took two years and included demolition of a 1922 addition plus painstaking, expert attention to hundreds of exterior and interior details. It’s the most completely restored of Wright’s homes.


Tour The House When Wright designed the Meyer May house for a prominent Grand Rapids clothier, he had fully developed his Prairie style of architecture. Today, as a meticulous restoration complete with original furnishings and faithfully executed reproductions, the Meyer May house provides the rare opportunity to experience a Prairie house exactly as he intended. Take an online tour or visit the Meyer May house at 450 Madison Avenue SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

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