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72. Bra Auction

March 13, 2011

This way out of the norm for a Monday night so you got to laugh a little at this LauaghFest event. Plus the B.O.B. is one of my favorite places in Grand Rapids to get dinner, drinks and hang with friends. The B.O.B. is one of those few places that has something for everybody.

The Bra Auction is Monday, March 14, 2011 at Crush @ The B.O.B. at 6:00PM – GO (Grown-ups Only-18+)
Individual Tickets $32.50

An intriguing evening of women helping women (men heartily invited too of course!).

A unique, fabulous event and exciting opportunity to not only aid in a cause, but connect in a community:  Imagination.  Exposure.  Generosity.  Creativity.  Fashion.  An intimate event to peak curiosities of individually designed bras:  “TO HAVE”, “TO HOLD” AND POSSIBLY “TO WEAR”.

This live auction is a part of an evening of art, food, music, and wine, raising money for Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids’ cancer, grief, and support programs. Anyone is welcome to submit his or her interpretation of bra art using their favorite, creative medium.  Wearable art bras will be worn by live models.

For more information visit:

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