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57. BBQ

February 26, 2011

I am not about to get into a big discussion of what style or city has the best BBQ. Quite frankly I have been all over the south from Memphis, KC, Texas, St. Louis, etc. and they are all different and I love them all. Really, if BBQ is good it is good.

Here in West Michigan I have found some restaurants that serve good BBQ ribs and occasionally a good pulled pork sandwich, but none that I would say is a BBQ joint. Except for one and that is US31 BBQ in Muskegon. Not a fancy restaurant but really good BBQ. A former coworker introduce me to US 31 and his story is one I have heard a number of times since then that they came here at least once a month and now when his kids come home they have to have a meal at US31 BBQ. It reminds me of Chicagoans having to get a Portillo’s fix when they are home.

If you are on the lakeshore near Muskegon its a great place to stop and get lunch!!! I recommend the BBQ Sandwich.



151 West Muskegon Avenue

Muskegon, MI 49440-1326

(231) 722-3948


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