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54. Chicago Hot Dogs & Italian Beef

February 23, 2011

Chicago Hot Dogs & Italian Beef

I remember my first year at WMU when I had the taste for back home and I wanted a Chicago Hot Dog or a Italian Beef Sandwich and could not find them. I realized the Chicago Dog was going to be tough to find, but growing up in Chicago I thought all the good pizza joints in the world served Italian Beef Sandwich. I quickly learned its a Chicago thing when the local Kalamazoo pizza joints told me to call a ethnic restaurants. So now 99% of the time when I go home you can bet there will be a either a Portillo’s run, Bueno Beef run, Clark Dog or some other famous dog/beef run. (Portillo’s is my favorite)

Over the years I have found a restaurant in MI that will try to imitate the Chicago Dog or Chicago Style Italian Beef but they never really last. I think they don’t last for a couple reasons: 1. the food just isn’t that good because they are using local suppliers that don’t get it and 2. the ordering. Ordering I mean by the following example “I would like a beef, wet, with sweet peps and moz” and the kid behind the counter looks like a deer about to get hit by a car. If you don’t understand the example its, ok, cause its a Chicago thing. You have to educate the staff!!!

But I have found a local source for great Chicago Dogs and Italian Beef in MI. I have been going to Stack’s in Grand Haven, MI for a few years now and hands down the best outside of Chicago. They use the Vienna Beef and Dogs and the bread is even from Turano bakeries. They have other items on the menu and I have strayed a few times from my staples but the dogs and beef here are very good!!

If you have time for lunch out on the lakeshore visit Stacks I don’t think you will be disappointed.

For more info visit:


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