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45. Swing Into Valentines Day

February 21, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Swing Dancing at Woodland Skating Center.

Need a date idea! How about the day after Valentines day swing and ballroom dance at the Woodland Skate Center. No skating just lots of dancing. Nothing says I love you, or I like you, or I am moderately interested than a dance.

If you have someone you want to impress and dinner and 3K diamonds are not your thing then we are the alternative.

Come to learn. Come to dance. Or just come to meet someone.

Did you know that we have had lots of people meet here and are now getting married! Think about it with over 400 dancers that is a lot of new people you can meet.

Lessons start at 7PM dancing till 10PM

Extra Special Love Price of $6 because it is the largest dance area!

Woodland Skating Center on 2100 28th Street.


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