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40. Eagle Watching

February 21, 2011

Two summers ago I finally saw a Bald Eagle in the wild while I was driving through Yellowstone. Today I saw three Bald Eagles in the great outdoors of Grand Haven, MI. I have heard reports for the past few years they are visible in the winter time but have never seen them.

The state park in Grand Haven is closed for the winter but you only need to park in either the public parking across from Butchs Burrito or the fishermen lot before you get to the light house. Chances are you might not have to even get out of the car to see them.

I spotted them sitting on the ice in the river as I turn the car around in the fishermen parking lot. I wasn’t sure if they were eagles or not till one took off, and they very identifiable in flight. Other reports people have spotted them by the lighthouse and along the beach but most sighings are north of Snug Harbor along the river.

I plan to return to get pictures and will share if I get one.


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