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19. World’s Largest Weathervane

February 21, 2011

Thats right the World’s Largest Weathervane!!! You probaly thought you had to travel out in the middle of nowhere like in Wyoming or Nebraska to see the World’s Largest Weathervane, nope its right here in your backyard. Montague, Mi host the largest weathervane. I drove by it a couple of time but I had no idea its was the worlds largest.

Montague, Michigan, USA

Weathervane Facts:

Material: Aluminum

Height: 48 feet

Length: 14 feet

Weight: 4,300 pounds

– Information provided by White Lake Area Chamber of Commerce

The ship on top of the weathervane is the Ella Ellenwood, a Great Lakes lumber schooner whose home port was White Lake, off Lake Michigan, in Montague. In October of 1901, the Ellenwood ran aground with a full load eight miles north of Milwaukee. The crew abandoned ship, and the wind and waves of a fall storm broke the ship to pieces. The next spring, a portion of the ship’s nameplate, bearing the word “Ellenwood,” was found in White Lake. Almost miraculously, the nameplate had drifted back east across Lake Michigan to the ship’s home port!  The nameplate is still exhibited in the Montague City Hall.

Montague is a long drive across the lake from Whitehall, kidding. There is plenty to do in the Whiehall/Montague area from great little restaurants, ice fishing on White Lake, or just a scenic drive along Scenic Drive from the light house to Muskegon State Park.


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